About Us

A Professional Fundraising Business in Roseville, CA

Since our establishment in 2017, All Star Fundraising has been assisting sports teams and academics raise funds. 

About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Our short-term fundraising activities are profitable and have a simple process, with fast delivery on the proceeds. You can count on us to make raising money for your organization easier.

How We Started

Our owners, Chris Littlejohn and his wife, are parents of student-athletes. They felt the strong need to support their children’s dream and others like them, so they created All Star Fundraising to raise money for children who want to pursue and enjoy their passion.

Core Values

At All Star Fundraising, we work with integrity in mind. Our staff employs a transparent approach in handling our programs and adds competitive yet fun twists to them. We make sure that we will assist you from planning to the success of your fundraising event.